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Nintendo's MBC2 can be used to address up to 2 Mbit of ROM and 512×4 bit of internal RAM.


MBC2 Pinout.png
Pin No. Name Type Comment
28 VCC PWR I/O 5V supply
14 GND PWR I/O Ground supply
21 VCC_RAM PWR RAM supply
7 GND_RAM PWR RAM Ground supply
12Template:Ndash9 D3Template:NdashD0 I/O Data Bus
1 RD I Low-Active Read Enable
27 WR I Low-Active Write Enable
26 CS I Low-Active Chip Select
15 RESET I Low-Active Asynchronous Reset
20, 22Template:Ndash25, 8, 6Template:Ndash2 A15Template:NdashA14, A8Template:NdashA0 I Address Bus
16Template:Ndash19 RA17Template:NdashRA14 O Upper ROM Address Lines
13 ROM_CS O Low-Active ROM Chip Select

Footprint: SOP127P1200X225-24

Remarks: All I/O pins are protected via diodes to VCC/GND. VCC and VCC_RAM both supply RAM -- probably depending on VCC voltage.


Write-Accessible Registers:

  • 0b00-- ---0 ---- ----: RAM Enable register
  • 0b00-- ---1 ---- ----: ROM Bank register
  • 0b10-- ---a aaaa aaaa: Internal RAM

RAM Enable Register

XX XX XX XX D3 D2 D1 D0    0x00 @ reset
                 \-------- RAM Enable

A value of 0x0A enables RAM access, all other values disable RAM access.

ROM Bank Register

XX XX XX XX D3 D2 D1 D0    0x00 @ reset
                 \-------- ROM Bank

ROM Bank selects which bank is mapped to 0x4000-0x7FFF. The written value is zero-adjusted before output on RA17Template:NdashRA14.